Richard Branson Biggest Revelations Yet…


To put it Mildly, Richard Branson doesn’t run in the same circles most of us do. And rightfully so. After all, running a number of multi-million dollar businesses lands you in a specific crowd of billionaires, geniuses and even super hot supermodels.

In his new book, Find My Virginity, Branson reveals a number of funny run-ins he had with celebrities such as Elon Musk, Steve Job, Kate Moss and more.

  1. Elon Musk – In a 2014 interview self made billionaire, Elon Musk said of Branson, “I like Richard and I think he’s doing some cool things. But technology is not really his whack.” Ouch! Still Branson writes in his book that Musk has “since assured me he was misquoted,” he doesn’t disagree. “He has a lot more technological knowledge than me and is very detail-focused, while I think in broader strokes.”
  2. Larry Page – Branson was ringing 2015 with the world’s biggest influencials, including Google’s Larry Page and his wife, Lucy. During the party The group decided to make a pledge for the following year to do something together that would make a difference in the world. Later that year they They ended up holding an event, where social organizations pitched their ideas to a group of wealthy investors on Moskito Island.
  3. Bill Gates – After spending a weekend with Bill and Melinda Gates on Necker Island, learning about the couple’s interests and charity work, Gates and Branson realized they had a lot more in common than they’d imagined: They both had a “shared respect for Nelson Mandela.”

    He said what about Branson?
  4. Bill Gates – back in 2001 Branson went to meet Jobs to discuss the new cutting edge innovation – the Ipod. To his shock Jobs told him that he got his inspiration from Branson himself as part of an April fool’s day hoax: “I gave an interview to Music Week on 1 April, 1986 revealing we were secretly developing a Music Box, which could store every song in the world.”
  5. Kate Moss – Branson sure knows how to throw a party. But according to him no one works hard and parties harder than supermodel Kate Moss: “is on Necker, she can usually be seen on top of the Great House table, dancing away day and night. I’ve rarely seen anyone work so hard and play even harder.”



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